A breeze sweeps across the downs
through the door, ajar
a slant of morning light cuts through
scorching the vacant chair.
Dust mites float above scrubbed tiles
beneath tired curtains
that remain open through sultry evenings.
The last scent of bread fades away
from the oven.
Ships with their masts pointed downwards
drip dry on breakfast dishes
after picnic baskets have been carried away
across meadows and cornfields.
Tick tock, tick tock, the clock chimes on.

All day long shadows shift and change shape
a room rests in silent longing
for the hour
when weary workers return home
beneath angels looking down
from pink tinted clouds
on hay stacks and sheaves of corn.

Catherine Walshe enjoys painting, writing short stories and poetry, she draws inspiration from the Golden Vale in Tipperary where she grew up and from walks on the Sussex Downs. Catherine illustrated a kindle book cover, Getting Away with It; her short story, Mother’s Treasures is included in the anthology.

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