After three years – one pilot year and two with Arts Council England funding – Drawn To The Page has made it’s last mark on paper. It has been an extraordinary and incredibly fruitful and inspiring three years. My thanks to the project partners – New Writing South, De La Warr Pavilion, Jerwood Gallery and Towner Art Gallery. I’m so proud of all we’ve achieved – we leave behind this project blog which acts as an anthology of writing inspired by the artworks in the gallery over three years. It also offers a guide – through facilitators’ own blogs on the workshops – to how to approach writing in a gallery for any writer who may choose to do so.

But the greatest of thanks of all are owed to the warmth, loyalty, creativity and imaginations of all the writers who attended workshops over the three years they were running. It’s their enthusiasm and commitment that made all this so rewarding and enjoyable. The final words on the page belong to them.

Wendy Ann Greenhalgh

“It was my first workshop – ever – writing, I mean. And it was a great start for me.” Beatrice.

” Very good. Encourages a closer look at artworks than I would do on my own.” Alison

“Such a great way to see an exhibition – the writing workshop really helps to find connections with the works. It encourages you to look and linger. I wouldn’t have visited the exhibition if not for the the workshop. A fabulous way to see a show and enjoy it creatively.” Helen

“Excellent workshop – fantastically facilitated – and very rewarding to spend so much time actually writing within a gallery environment.” Hilary

“I always find these workshops very useful for my own writing. I just wish they were longer.” Patricia

“Greatly enhanced the gallery experience for me.” Frances

“Excellent. Can’t believe it went so quickly. Wonderfully inspiring photography which really helped me think about character and point of view.” Danielle.

“Brilliant and inspiring. Should have been longer – could have done all day!” Pippa

“Of course, never enough time – ever. But always inspirational and brilliant.” Andy


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