I am Billy Big Buoy

I roll with a swagger

I want to put a stop

to it all

the sky the sun

the sea tipping back and forth

the universe

the forces of the universe



But this damn wind

is making a fool of me

skitter one minute

swivel the next

like I’m full of air



I want to put a stop

to it all

big black ink

on nothing but white

a page without borders

and me commanding it



I am on the sea now

I can’t get back

I am nothing without readers

those on the shore

wonder for a moment

if I am the black cap

of a cross Channel swimmer

but no just a trick of the light

or the absence of light

a shadow among shadows.


Dick Kempson has lived for many years in Bexhill. He has just returned from a walk to Rome which he wrote about in a blog on lifepilgrim.co.uk. His poem is an imagining: Fiona Banner’s giant inflatable full stop installation departing the gallery of the De La Warr Pavilion and heading out into its surroundings.


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