Echo Lake 1998 by Peter Doig born 1959

Humanity’s Sake?
For Donald ‘Hail Victory’ Trump who advocates stop-and-frisk policing as the way forward in taking crime off the streets.

Walking elsewhere, 10 miles
Up and counting, spilling
Towards the stars beyond
The black-layered cloud
Universe-we, pleroma-clad
And cloaked by the park
Wending towards… home

Two policemen, unequivocal
Stop and search, Sus Law
Before the levee broke
Into Thatchers’ riots
With a wrenching back to earth
“What’s your name?”
“Where do you live?”

Humanity strip
In the name of the law
For your own fucking good
And we smiled and acquiesced
Melting into the shimmering dark
Feeling the inner recesses
Of their minds

A homunculus staring back, blank

This poem was inspired by Peter Doig’s painting, Echo Lake.

Colin Hambrook has a background as a survivor artist, arts facilitator, disability arts journalist and consultant. Through the 1990’s he produced a touring exhibition of paintings, prints and poems ‘Dreams of the Absurd’. He has two illustrated collections: ‘100 Houses’ (DaDaSouth 2011) and ‘Knitting Time (Waterloo Press 2013).

Web: www.colinhambrook.wordpress.com

Tel: 07411824458

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