I am reminded of the first time my feet kissed the cobblestones on my way towards the city square. The church spire and the buildings hung back in awe before a vision of chiselled beauty reclining under the embers of the evening. My lover embraced me by the fountain, we held hands and sat back to watch the city whooping and making merry until one by one the lights went out. The music that had bolstered the gathering since dusk played the last tune and the aroma from the cafes escaped into the night air. The tide of our passion carried us away towards higher ground beyond the city skyline. Celestial eyes watched over our naked bodies as our inferno of passion blazed on. Our love reached it’s crescendo as the wings of dawn pierced the blanket of night and we danced home holding safe the secret that had liberated us from the glaring light of day.

Another day is dwindling away now, an orange glow blazes through my shutters, seeking me out. The memory of that September sends fire reverberating through my body and I put my lipstick on before strolling down the avenue to raise a glass of Merlot to the night.

Catherine’s piece was inspired by Julian Bell’s Hong Kong Dave & the Constellations

Catherine Walshe enjoys writing poetry and short stories. Her short story and poem were the November 2015 winners published on Writersbillboard.com Catherine enjoys painting and illustration and she has designed covers for 2 books. Her work is included in a kindle book and an anthology of poetry and short stories.

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