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Has Bacchus stained this mark?

No, rather the stains of childhood.
Blackberried clothes and purple mouthed,
Inhale dark trampled grass and
Earth-green stains of Autumn
Bruise the skin.

I hear the voices of distant children,
And smell damped earth.
Little sunshine,
But glints of words catch in the wind
And my mother’s voice calls me back
Where ruby fingerprints on the kitchen table
Recall the bounty of the afternoon
As children’s chatter drifts away
In wood smoked eventide.

Who else has seen such smells
and heard those dripping pools of odour on a
painted canvas?

Lesley Barker’s poem was inspired by the Cy Twombly painting of the same name from the Quattro Sagioni series.

Lesley is an artist, living in Hastings.  Occasionally she writes poetry for her own pleasure. She has in the past used poetry as an impetus for some of her artwork.

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