Two Brass Buttons – by Pauline Suett Barbieri

Two brass buttons tell the tale
between huge angry brushstrokes.
A lover carries his heart under his arm
which bleeds besides two pink cheeks,
sliced like the halves of a tropical fruit.
In the clouds, a man still wears a peasant blue hat.
A lilac spirit, the colour of Ronseal wood
preserver, tills an uneasy earth.
A couple dance to a severed silhouette.
She wears a sailor’s hat like an empty envelope.
He reaches out from a pole, trying
to make two hearts a whole.
A wire taps the charcoal notes, stretches
them across the sky, plays them
to the man who never wants to wake up.

From Sophie Von Hellermann A Shropshire Lad and Alessandro Raho, Ben.
I Cheer a Dead Man’s Sweetheart De la Warr Pavilion Exhibition

Pauline Suett Barbieri – poet/painter – born in Liverpool. Two collections of poetry ‘The Shirley Valentine Syndrome’ and ‘Bringing Home the Bacon’ – Waterloo Press. She has an addiction to comedy, perhaps reflecting an ancestor, Richard ‘Dicky’ Suett (1755-1805), George III’s favourite Shakespearean clown and star at Drury Lane for 25 years.

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